April 30, 2014
Talking About Love and Relationships With Dame Nicole Brandon


I recently had the pleasure of being interviewed by Nicole Brandon of Hourglass Brides, a popular BlogTalkRadio show. Nicole is one of the most sought after speakers in the world; she’s shared her knowledge about health, wealth, wellness, and success on stage and on the big screen. She’s also had a lot of experience in (continued…)

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April 22, 2014
The Dream of Finding True Love: Is Eternal Love A Big Hoax?


Who says love isn’t eternal? Not me! Can love between two people really last a lifetime? Can it evolve into something that exists well into the future, literally decades upon decades?  More particularly, can a Honeymoon Period, that first exciting and hopeful stage of love, actually turn into something that can last forever? I say, (continued…)

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February 26, 2014
Why Can’t He Commit? (Or Can He?)


I happened to stumble upon an interesting online blog a little while ago, “The Secret to Getting Him to Commit”, written by media and lifestyle expert, Terri Trespicio ( great name!) Anyway, she made some intriguing points about men’s non-committal behavior with regards to love relationships. Now, this kind of conversation definitely falls within my (continued…)

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February 6, 2014
7 More Ways To Take Care of Yourself (Part III)


Okay, my loyal blog readers, here’s Part III in my series about self-care and self-acceptance – those critical conduits, the direct line to any successful love relationship – starting with yourself. If you missed parts I and II, be sure to read them! Here’s 7 more practical suggestions, or “how to” actions to increase your (continued…)

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January 22, 2014
Self-Care & Self-Acceptance – Critical Conduits to Love Success


 Self-love and self-acceptance are the direct conduits to lasting love success with another person. And yet they’re routinely overlooked by seekers of true intimacy. Still, these two critical elements have been talked about and written about for a long, long, time… Some quotes from all corners of history Socrates may have been the first in (continued…)

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January 14, 2014
Keeping the Fires of Love Burning: 6 Signs of a Honeymoon Forever


So much of what I write about has to do with relationship longevity and keeping the love between two partners going. And that’s what I’m writing to you about today; keeping the fires of love burning for a long, long time –  creating what I call a honeymoon forever. As I’m constantly perusing the internet (continued…)

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