March 3, 2016
Love – Is It Fate Or Is It Planned?


“Serendipity, you can choose who to protect and who to share life with, but you cannot choose who to love, for love isn’t a choice, but destiny.” – Anon. “Let’s build a master plan for the consensus of our love.” -LovePlanning.Org   Relationship Expert and matchmaker, Bari Lyman, sent me an email today, with a (continued…)

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February 14, 2016
Love in Today’s Ultra-Individualistic Society – the Eternal Possibility


There is no subject like that of love to heat up any conversation – it’s a never-ending story that began eons ago. Love has been endlessly looked at, reviewed, mulled over, turned inside out, studied, sung about, and widely written about, from romantic bards to a veritable army of latter-day, academic researchers. Love statements First, (continued…)

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December 20, 2015
The Dicey Dance of 2 Relationship Desires – Closeness vs. Autonomy


In the course of my day, as both a writer and a therapist, I listen to a lot of people tell me about the inevitable ups and downs of their love relationships. I couldn’t help but notice that, for many, the desire for more closeness versus the craving for more freedom and autonomy, is often (continued…)

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December 18, 2014
Stay with Your Partner Longer…with This One Simple Practice


Here’s a vital, even critical, feature of successful, long-term relationships: An “attitude of gratitude.” How often are you showing an attitude of gratitude to your partner? Too many of us just seem to forget this relationship-bolstering act of recognizing and showing appreciation to our loved ones, for all the little things that they do. A (continued…)

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August 19, 2014
10 Practical Ways to Foster Life-Long Love


“So what’s the key to our longevity? It’s pretty simple. We’re happy together, we like each others’ company, and we’re still genuinely in love.” – Inspiring words from a couple experiencing a Honeymoon Forever   To hang together as a couple for a lifetime: what a concept. Sounds impossible, you say? It’s no secret that (continued…)

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May 7, 2014
Does Eternal Love Really Exist? (Part Two)


Does love go on forever, or is this merely a notion, some sort of hopeful fantasy, just to satisfy and calm a yearning brain? Well, as a writer and blogger of all things related to love and relationships, I personally think about this question a lot, as you can read in my previous article on (continued…)

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April 30, 2014
Talking About Love and Relationships With Dame Nicole Brandon


I recently had the pleasure of being interviewed by Nicole Brandon of Hourglass Brides, a popular BlogTalkRadio show. Nicole is one of the most sought after speakers in the world; she’s shared her knowledge about health, wealth, wellness, and success on stage and on the big screen. She’s also had a lot of experience in (continued…)

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April 22, 2014
The Dream of Finding True Love: Is Eternal Love A Big Hoax?


Who says love isn’t eternal? Not me! Can love between two people really last a lifetime? Can it evolve into something that exists well into the future, literally decades upon decades?  More particularly, can a Honeymoon Period, that first exciting and hopeful stage of love, actually turn into something that can last forever? I say, (continued…)

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