March 26, 2015
Some Candid Views on Love & Sex…According to Michele


The other day, I met Michele, a striking 32 year old woman, at a popular Santa Fe gathering place. She had overheard me speaking to a friend about relationships and volunteered to share some of her own views about love relationships with me. We carried on a fantastic conversation for about an hour, as we (continued…)

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November 22, 2014
Those Cheatin’ Hearts – Women & Betrayal


I write a lot about relationships, including the hopeful beginnings of partnerships (the honeymoon period) and how to keep romance alive and well. One of the more destructive issues of relationships that I commonly hear about in my therapy sessions, especially when working with married couples, is the unnerving matter of cheating. In fact, I’m (continued…)

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December 19, 2013
The Truth About Rebuilding Trust In A Relationship


As I typically peruse hundreds of blog postings on the subject of love relationships, I’m always struck by how many of these articles are on the subject of trust, more specifically, regaining trust as a way to help fix broken relationships. But first, I want you to consider this critical question: Can trust that was (continued…)

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