January 15, 2016
Bad Times for Love Junkies – According to Ethlie


Love junkies we were. We’d do anything for the high. Our clothes were interwoven, and we’d get tangled in our lies. “Sinners!”they would call us. They’d look at us and judge. But what good would it do them? We were hooked, and wouldn’t budge.                    -Love Junkies (continued…)

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December 20, 2015
The Dicey Dance of 2 Relationship Desires – Closeness vs. Autonomy


In the course of my day, as both a writer and a therapist, I listen to a lot of people tell me about the inevitable ups and downs of their love relationships. I couldn’t help but notice that, for many, the desire for more closeness versus the craving for more freedom and autonomy, is often (continued…)

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November 6, 2015
Love on the Rocks – 5 Warning Signs


“You need what you need You can say what you want Not much you can do when the feeling is gone May be blue skies above But it’s cold when your love’s on the rocks”         Neil Diamond- “Love On The Rocks” Love in Bloom It’s always so great when you’re having (continued…)

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October 8, 2015
Personal Boundaries: Safety Or Taking the Risk of Love? (One Man’s Opinion)

boundaries - 8901set-relationship-boundaries-300x300

“We are strong no one can tell us we’re wrong Searching out hearts for so long Both of us knowing love is a battlefield”                           –   Pat Benatar “Love is a Battlefield” This article refers to personal boundaries, mainly between men and women who wish to create intimate relationships. This can be a challenging human endeavor, to (continued…)

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September 18, 2015
The Rise of Today’s Hook-Up Culture: A Marriage Apocalypse?


                                                                                    “It isn’t premarital sex if you have no intention of getting married.”  – (continued…)

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February 27, 2015
5 Steps to Relationship Maintenance: Don’t Leave Home Without Them!


If you’ve followed me and my ideas for a while, you’ll know that I’ve done a ton of writing about some of the key relationship issues of the day. But the idea of relationship maintenance seems to be way up there on the list, with regards to importance. At least, that’s what I’ve been hearing (continued…)

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December 18, 2014
Stay with Your Partner Longer…with This One Simple Practice


Here’s a vital, even critical, feature of successful, long-term relationships: An “attitude of gratitude.” How often are you showing an attitude of gratitude to your partner? Too many of us just seem to forget this relationship-bolstering act of recognizing and showing appreciation to our loved ones, for all the little things that they do. A (continued…)

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November 22, 2014
Those Cheatin’ Hearts – Women & Betrayal


I write a lot about relationships, including the hopeful beginnings of partnerships (the honeymoon period) and how to keep romance alive and well. One of the more destructive issues of relationships that I commonly hear about in my therapy sessions, especially when working with married couples, is the unnerving matter of cheating. In fact, I’m (continued…)

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November 7, 2014
The War between the Sexes Part II – The Solution


In Part I, I spent the whole article laying out a sociological problem having to do with the apparent “hidden war between the sexes,” including the difficulty men and women are having initially connecting with each other. But, if you didn’t catch my last blog, here’s a brief recap. A brief recap: I began by (continued…)

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October 22, 2014
The Hidden War Between the Sexes & What You Need to Know (Especially if You’re Single) – Part I


THE PROBLEM Alas, all is not well between the sexes these days. It appears that single men and women are having a great deal of trouble connecting with one another. There seems to be a curious stumbling block out there in the dating world that’s keeping people from being able to fully enter into and (continued…)

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