The Honeymoon Period of love relationships is a vital foundation, the first step on the way to fulfilling, long-term intimacy. It’s an enduring social phenomenon to be reckoned with, if lasting love is truly one of your life goals.

But is the Honeymoon Period all it’s cracked up to be? What makes it worth the time and effort to risk a broken heart? What particular motivating factors might drive one to pursue love in the first place?

Well, we’ve provided a fairly brief list of 5 basic factors that might motivate you to take a chance on love – to embark freely, and with confidence, upon your own Honeymoon Period.

1. Anticipation and excitement of the Honeymoon Period.

The natural excitement associated with the beginning of love and the anticipation of a new romance often leads to the hope of long-term love – even marriage and family.  This supports the notion that humans are innately drawn to fresh beginnings and naturally desire human connection. It’s this excitement and anticipation that typically “fuels” the Honeymoon Period

2. Opportunity for personal growth and inspiration. 

The Honeymoon Period experience can be a real opportunity to apply self-knowledge, to take your “self-growth show” on the road.  Many individuals reported that being committed to their partner helped them gain a sense of personal responsibility.  Such dedication can be very inspiring, and inspiration is just what’s needed to maintain the momentum of any Honeymoon Period.

3. Attainment of higher status and acceptance in society.

For better or for worse, new love relationships often lead to higher status and legitimacy in the eyes of mainstream society.  Despite the media attention (often negative) given to bachelors and “free-spirits,” couples are overwhelmingly validated and legitimized by mainstream culture. (Is it any wonder that such a large portion of advertising is targeted at couples?)  Many of those we interviewed claimed that societal acceptance was the motivation for entering into Honeymoon Periods. Truth be told, as people grow older, many don’t want to be seen as “old maids” or as “wolves on the prowl.”  Clearly, people’s motivation to avoid stigmas and feel accepted by their culture is reasonable – and powerful.

4. Relief of escaping the single life.

This particular motivational factor is closely related to the desire for higher social status and acceptance.  Many see their new partner as a ticket out of the often treacherous singles scene.  Wanting to escape single life is certainly understandable, but for ultimate Honeymoon Period success, couples need to rise above this widespread outlook. They will do well to see their relationship not just as a means to an end, but as something intrinsically vital – an end unto itself.  Because at the end of the day, it’s the moment-to-moment experience of the Honeymoon Period that really counts.

5. Benefits of well-being and longer life. 

Fulfilling our inborn desire for newness and companionship is not only mentally and spiritually nurturing, but has also been shown to improve our physical health (it’s no secret that married men tend to live longer).  The prospect of marriage may contribute to better health, maybe because the felt responsibility to stand beside one’s partner can be so deeply empowering and life-enhancing – one of the more endearing aspects of our Western culture.


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