Most people in Western Society have experienced, or at least are somewhat familiar with that first powerful stage of love, the Honeymoon Period of relationships. When queried about the Honeymoon Period, people like to talk about that incredible initial “high,” that “up” feeling when the prospect of new love is in the air. There’s that excitement of having met that new potential lover, followed by the “I can’t wait to see him [or her] again!” feeling, sitting deep within the gut.  And there’s the excited anticipation of a first kiss, that wonderful, hoped for physical connection, so absent for so long, before this exciting and momentous meeting of two hopeful souls.

But even with all this happy anticipation of better days ahead with a new partner, there’s also some misconceptions of the true nature of the Honeymoon Period, almost bordering on societal discrimination – it gets a bad rap.

The Honeymoon Period of relationships is often misunderstood by many as something frenetic, chaotic, and without any discernible boundaries. In popular literature, the Honeymoon Period is often portrayed as mindless, out-of-control, a wildly hormonal social phenomenon.

Even John Bradshaw, the brilliant writer and lecturer on relationships and recovery, has often described the first stage of love as “going back to the primal codependency when two people view the other as bigger than they are… It’s that falling in love stage when you’re not in your right mind…”

Is it possible that these less-than positive points of view have taken a toll on aspiring lovers, leading them to almost fear the awesome power and intimacy of the Honeymoon Period? Have these negative perspectives kept individuals from taking on the risk of love; kept them away from the possibility of true intimacy with another?  We think so.

It’s time to think of the Honeymoon Period in more positive terms, as a significant and vital period of time where, if navigated correctly, with vision, mindfulness, and self- knowledge,  meaningful long-term love will not only become possible, but will flourish. In effect, we’re proposing a new paradigm, a new and better way of viewing the genesis of love we enthusiastically call the Honeymoon Period.

Part of this new paradigm, this more fair-minded look at the Honeymoon Period of love relationships, is the notion that this beginning phase of love can now be seen as a wholly rational process, a process that can be initiated and intelligently used as a positive, love-generating force, ultimately a true and satisfying stepping stone to true long-term intimacy.

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