Although­­­­ societies and various cultures around the world encounter love in their own distinct ways, I wanted to offer something for your consideration that’s more than a lifeless social construct or merely an academic way of looking at human interaction. It goes beyond mere definition, transcends geography, nationality, race, and socio-economic, and truly reflects an essential part of our human experience. Attraction, romance, intimacy, human connection, compatibility, and the first phase of love relationships, the Honeymoon Period, are all part of what I call the Culture of Love.

Now, I’ve been writing specifically about one certain aspect of our Culture of Love, the Honeymoon Period of love relationships – the beginnings of love, when two people meet and attempt to know one another – when hope for lasting love burns brightest. The Honeymoon Period is the Culture of Love’s initial pathway, the all-important, first stepping stone to any meaningful, long-term relationship. This vital “cog” is a powerful cultural phenomenon that inevitably shapes our societal landscape and helps to actualize the possibility for lasting love. It has weight!

When carrying out the research for my latest book, Honeymoon Forever: Secrets to Long-Term Intimacy, I found that just about everyone was familiar with the Honeymoon Period, and just the mention of it attracted a lot of attention. During my interviews with couples, it wasn’t uncommon for others who overheard our lively conversations to offer their enthusiastic (and often unsolicited) input. I knew I was onto something – the deeply personal impact and natural allure of the Honeymoon Period.

It’s important to note that the Honeymoon Period is all too often looked upon as something trite, hormone-driven, or at best, an exercise in superficiality; as something confined to the romantic fantasies of Hollywood movies.  But don’t be fooled by the naysayers! The Honeymoon Period is the necessary conduit, the positive pathway through which intimate connection becomes possible! The Honeymoon Period helps drive the Culture of Love!

So, what does this mean for you, dear reader, who may be searching for a successful long-term love relationship?  Well, if you can better comprehend the ways of the Culture of Love, including the Honeymoon Period, you just might be successful in truly experiencing lasting intimacy with another.

This priceless knowledge will allow you to be more effective in taking on the Honeymoon Period, not just as an ephemeral experience, or something beyond your grasp, but rather as a useful and practical opportunity on your quest for long-term love.


This is just a taste of the Culture of Love, as covered in Honeymoon Forever: Secrets to Long-Term Intimacy.  Pick up your copy to delve deeper!

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Secrets to Life-Long Intimacy

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