When you hear someone mention the Honeymoon Period of relationships, chances are, you know what they’re talking about – in a general way, that is.  You think, sure, that’s the time when two people meet and fall in love; doesn’t everybody know that? But what makes up this powerful social phenomenon, this mysterious and alluring genesis of love?  What are its parts? What happens after that initial attraction? Can we actually develop a basic blueprint of the Honeymoon Period?

Well, without being too overly scientific about something so subjective, we’ve done just that. We’ve come up with a basic suggested map of the Honeymoon Period and its 4 basic elements.

Now, it’s important to remember that these 4 elements are only meant to serve as a general guide to help you navigate the sometimes tricky waters of the Honeymoon Period. These elements may not always occur in the same order, may overlap, and ultimately cannot be controlled. In fact, they can be downright unpredictable!

So, with that in mind, let’s briefly examine the Honeymoon Period from this more structural perspective, as we take a look at the 4 basic elements found within this formidable first phase of love relationships.

Element I:  TENSION

Once mutual attraction has been established, a sort of “dating TENSION” may arise.  Chances are, you’ve asked yourself some of these anxiety-producing questions just after you’ve met someone new, like: When and how often should I call her? Should I wait for him to call?  Am I being too pushy? Too passive? Who’ll pay for that dinner and a movie? Where do we meet? How casual or formal should I dress?

And who doesn’t know about the uncomfortable (yet often exciting) sexual tension that’s usually present at these very first meetings with your new love interest? Not that this initial anxiety is such a bad thing. Actually, this elemental TENSION often goes hand-in-hand with increased excitement. It’s the energy that drives the momentum of the Honeymoon Period!


Once the initial tension and anxiety of Element I dies down, you and your new partner may have a sense that something “deeper” is opening up, and you both begin to RELAX more into the natural flow of the relationship.  There’s a gradual loosening of inhibitions, usually with an easier-going style of communication and increased, anxiety-free, physical contact.  Now, this new and relaxed way of being can lead to even more honestly and openness – a vital aspect of relationship success.  Through the RELAXATION element, the path to true intimacy begins to widen, as you and your new partner learn more about each other without the earlier tension blocking the way.


This next basic element of the Honeymoon Period, BONDING, is characterized by special rituals and emerging “couple routines” which typically include growing physicality, increased time spent together, and even more open and intimate communication.  During this element of the Honeymoon Period, common activities are happily shared, and sex may start up or become more frequent and fulfilling. This element is all about a deepening of emotional connection where more time, as well as previously private feelings, are now freely shared.  It’s this BONDING element that will strengthen the foundation of your love relationship. The future is looking brighter as you and your partner approach Element IV, COMMITMENT.


By now, you and your partner are hopefully in a relatively fulfilled state of mind and heart.  Possibilities and optimistic planning for the future are all part of this element.  Each one’s vulnerability will continue to surface as the Honeymoon Period progresses.  COMMITMENT is where more “serious” risks are mutually taken, as trust continues to develop and long-term promises are optimistically made.  You and your partner are now more connected than ever. The stage has been set for long-term love and intimacy.

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