So, you’ve decided that it’s time to seek out the love of your life.  You’re ready to let someone into your life for a long-term romance, not just an all-too-brief “faux romance”, or some unfulfilling one night stand.

You’re serious about looking for the real thing, a life-long partner.

Maybe you’ve signed up with a couple of online dating services, and you’re just starting to make the social rounds, as you commence the search for that special someone.

Or maybe you’re already in the honeymoon phase of an emerging relationship.


But have you really thought about the kind of person that makes for a great long-term partner?

What are some of the basic characteristics of one who can be considered a good long-term relationship prospect?

Is it really about their particular job, their income, the color of their eyes – or maybe something else?

What kind of individual represents a truly “good catch,” the kind of person you can rely on to fully participate in a mutual romance, that can last a lifetime?

Well, I’ve thought about it, and here’s my short list of the general traits that could spell long-lasting love success for you:

1)      They show up.

They’re committed to showing up and fully participating in the romance. There’s no place for a half-way attitude here. They’re all in, complete with support that you can count on. They do what they say they’ll do. They’re on time, reliable, and always show up.

2)      No game playing.

She makes it clear that she’s looking for something more than a quick roll in the hay. He truly understands, and tells her that he’s sincerely interested in the prospect of long-term love. Sex, for him, at least for now, becomes secondary – and he really means it! There’s no manipulation – just a basic, down-home honesty.

3)      There’s always something new to talk about.

There’s a mutual sharing of day-to-day information. You look forward to the recounting of your love’s day, and you can’t wait to tell them about yours.

And it doesn’t really matter how serious or trivial it is. Just the fact that you’re both excited about communicating with each other, makes the hope of lasting love more of a reality.

4)      You feel good about them meeting your friends or family.

You’re feeling good and comfortable about your new partner. You don’t need to worry about how they’ll come across to your friends and family. You know your folks will like the one that you’ve recently let into your heart.

In fact, you feel awesome to have him or her by your side, as you confidently introduce them to others.

5)      They remember the little things.

As you get to know your new love, you begin to share more and more of your particular preferences and likes with them. You may even share some little things that you didn’t expect them to remember – but they did.

And how gratifying is it when they recall something that you once expressed to them – like your favorite flower. It shows that they’re paying special attention to you – a positive and very promising trait, especially for the long run, for that Honeymoon Forever.

6)      The relaxation factor.

You can be yourself around them. You don’t need to walk on egg shells or put on an act just to feel accepted. There’s a relaxation factor that’s almost palpable – an inner serenity.

You feel comfortable around them.

And the best part?

The feeling of relaxation is mutual!

7)      They’re nice.

Pretty basic stuff, huh?

A real “love prospect” has got to be, well, nice. A nice person typically and unabashedly shows that they truly care about your – about your needs, your wants, your feelings, your interests, and your dreams.

They’re kind to you and always thoughtful.

8)     They listen.

There’s nothing like the art of just listening to the other, without having to fix or solve anything. I hear it all the time, especially when I’m working with bickering couples. “If he’d only listen to me,” they say.

Listening is an art – and a very important trait of a good “love prospect.”

Are you listening?

I’m sure there’s a lot more positive traits that mean you’re with a terrific partner.

That being said, the above list should be helpful as you start your way to a fulfilling and life-long love.

*If you have any additional positive traits of a “love prospect,” feel free to share them in the comment section below.

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