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Because the first stage of love, known as the Honeymoon Period of love relationships, hasn’t been thoroughly examined in most relationship-oriented literature, (until Honeymoon Forever; Secrets to Long-Term Intimacy), we’d like to clear up some confusion  surrounding this positive and potent social phenomenon of Western Society.

Here are 5 common myths about the Honeymoon Period that you might want to consider as you and your potential life partner take that first exciting step onto the path of lasting love:

Myth #1: The Honeymoon Period is a fairly meaningless occurrence, when two people get together for a good time – a casual jump into the sack of mindless fun.

Wrong!  The Honeymoon Period is something much more than mind-altering amusement! We believe that it’s something significant to be dealt with in a mindful and focused way – that is, if a satisfying long-term love relationship is your goal.  It takes a good deal of self-knowledge and heart-felt intention to successfully navigate through the Honeymoon Period. For most of us, the pursuit of love is a worthwhile and meaningful journey to long and lasting intimacy. The Honeymoon Period is a noble quest – the Holy Grail to enduring love.

Myth #2: The Honeymoon Period always ends.

Wrong again! Though it is true that the Honeymoon Period naturally tends to wane, as personal issues, (typically well-hidden, at first), begin to emerge. Obviously, this can result in a serious challenge to the survival of any fairly new relationship. However, if you and your partner can work through these critical challenges with patience, compassion, and effort, you’ll be able to reach a common ground of understanding. You’ll be able to successfully move ahead with your relationship well into the future- maybe even decades into the future! Why’d you think the book was named, Honeymoon Forever: Secrets to Long-Term Intimacy? 

Myth #3:  The Honeymoon Period is an arbitrary event.

Not true! The Honeymoon Period is not something stagnant, unchanging, or merely a fixed point in time. It’s an evolving process, like a flowing river, always moving in a steady, circular motion… It can be ideally described as a path of “mindful progression”, always to be entered into with full, loving intention. At the end of the day, the Honeymoon Period is a new beginning, a potentially meaningful pursuit that requires hard work, focused effort, and a whole lot of patience.

Myth #4: The Honeymoon Period has nothing to do with long-term intimacy.

This powerful social phenomenon has everything to do with long-term intimacy!  In fact, we believe that the Honeymoon Period of love relationships is the critical stepping stone, the true passageway to enduring relationship happiness. Now, when we add right intention, mindfulness, knowledge, and an accent on self-care to the overall mix, there’s no limit to everlasting romance – but only, first, through the successful navigation of the Honeymoon Period.

Myth #5:  The Honeymoon Period lasts a fixed amount of time and always ends.

The Honeymoon Period is not time-limited. People are always asking us, “Exactly how long does the Honeymoon Period last?” Although we tell them (somewhat reluctantly), on average, about nine months (like the time it takes to give birth), we’re realizing more and more, that there doesn’t appear to be an exact length of time associated with the Honeymoon Period. The couples we’ve interviewed report it lasting anywhere from days to a whole lifetime – a Honeymoon Forever!


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