Effective communication between lovers is vital, especially during the beginning phase, or the Honeymoon Period of relationships, and it doesn’t happen by magic – you have to work at it. Not only does good communication require focused effort and practice, but as most successful lovers will tell you, it’s truly an acquired art.  And it’s no secret that bad, ineffective communication can stall out any burgeoning relationship.  So, to help you on your way, here are 4 suggested effective communication tips for you and your prospective life partner:

1)    Be authentic with your communication right from the start.

Nobody likes a phony, sanctimonious b.s.er. Anyone with a reasonably good brain will quickly pick up on inauthenticity and promptly run for the hills. There’s an old Talmudic saying which talks about the importance of speaking from the heart; that what you feel deep in your heart and soul should similarly be expressed whenever dialoguing with another. Effective communication is all about genuine connection. So say what you mean and mean what you say –right from the get-go.

2)    Speak the Truth.

Effective communication is about establishing trust, an absolute requirement for any successful love relationship. Speaking truthfully, always from a place of rigorous honesty, will go a long way in paving the path for long-term intimacy. Distrust will quickly cut-off any chance for a new relationship to move forward, so speak the truth.

3)    Don’t Monopolize the Conversation; Do Listen, Listen, Listen…

The great writer, lecturer, and communicator, Dale Carnegie, often spoke of using tact and diplomacy when communicating with another human being. There’s   nothing worse than someone who monopolizes a conversation and knows little about the fine art of listening. It’s a real turn-off, and a sure deal-breaker when one feels verbally bulldozed by the other. That awful feeling of being impatiently dominated by long, drawn out diatribes will surely sabotage any new romance. People want to be heard without being controlled – and that especially goes for your new partner.

4)    Notice Your Body Language.

Noticing your body language when in the company of your potential life partner goes hand-in-hand with effective communication. When speaking (or listening) to your new love, don’t look down at your shoes, don’t cross your arms and legs, don’t’ nervously twist your hair, and don’t check the time or your cellphone messages. Instead, through body language, show interest, openness, and availability.

Hopefully, with these 4 tips to effective communication, you’ll not only be better able to establish a solid foundation for new love, but you’ll increase your chances to take your new romance and transform it into years of wonderful and fulfilling long-term love. 

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