Hi everybody out there in “Internet Land”! I hope you’re enjoying reading my ongoing blogs about love, relationships, and, hopefully, my latest e-book, Honeymoon Forever: Secrets to Life Long Intimacy.

The other day, I was poking through some internet articles related to love relationships, including the search for true love, and some more ideas about how to keep the love you find going.  (I’m a hound for anything that adds to my knowledge about successful, long-lasting love relationships!)

So I came across an awesome story about these two friends, 29-year-old Mormon, Nate Bagley, and 26-year-old New Yorker named Melissa Joy Kong, who’ve been traveling the U.S. in a Mini Cooper, “in a quest to uncover what true love is” by interviewing a variety of people who they consider “successful” married couples. Apparently, these Generation Y’ers are tired and somewhat jaded from all the romantic stereotypes, the “Cinderella stories,” thrown out there by the mainstream media through movies and T.V. shows like “The Bachelor”, and other hair-brained romantic comedies. (Frankly, I am, too!)

These two “seekers of love success” are on the road to gain knowledge about the difference between real love and all those myths related to things like marriage.  Some of their findings, although unfinished, have definitely piqued my interest. Here’s just a taste:

Love is subjective. “Every couple seems to have a slightly different perception of the purpose of marriage and what it means to be in love.”  Apparently, these two thought that they would find that certain “something” common to all successful relationships, but they haven’t – at least not so far.  Like I’ve observed when I interviewed couples in the beginnings of love, the honeymoon period, no two stories are ever the same. In fact, the distinctive chemistry of any two people coming together ensures a certain unique perception of success in love. So, according to Bagley and Kong, “…It all depends on what you define as being in love”.

Rural vs. City. There’s more choice in big cities, so relationship “culture” and perceptions are, by nature, different.  Kong: “Something I’ve realized from living in big cities all my life is that we are always hopping from one relationship to the next, because there’s so much choice. Being in the suburbs and the country, I can feel my perceptions shifting a bit…  So when I leave this project I hope I am more prepared for a relationship, with an open heart and with more integrity.”

So Melissa and Nate have been systematically collecting what they consider “true” love stories from all across the country. I think it’s great that they’re attempting to highlight, to uncover the positive side of relationships rather than focusing on what so many of us choose to look at – broken partnerships and a high, discouraging divorce rate.

What’s amazing is that these two had just met before beginning their trek across America. Also, Nate quit his job and both have spent a lot of time, money, and energy to make this Kickstarter project happen – all in the name of true and lasting love.   Talk about dedication!

What I’m wondering is, what happened between Nate and Melissa along the way?  Who knows, maybe they’ve created their own successful love story! No doubt, a journey to be continued…

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