FUN: n. noun

A source of enjoyment; amusement – something pleasurable.

“If it’s not fun, you’re not doing it right.”

                             – Some guy named Bob Basso

I’ve read a lot of articles and books with titles like Getting Your Relationship Back on Track, Keeping Love Alive and Well, “Making Love Last,” “Building Passionate Partnerships,” “Making Your Romance Work,” and on and on.

But, you know what?

I’ve found that the one common denominator to all successful relationships, is the all-important element of “fun.”

Putting fun into a love relationship, whether as friends, lovers, or marriage partners, is one of the best ways to keep love alive.

And keeping those love fires burning is what I’m all about, both as a writer, a therapist, and as an ever-inquisitive human being.

I’ve even written an e-book entitled, Honeymoon Forever: Secrets to Life Long Intimacy. It espouses the belief that long-lasting love is a realistic and achievable goal for any two people who truly desire it.

And fun is a critical part of this noble goal and shared journey to long-lasting love.  

Turn any situation into Fun

Fun is a mindset, the jet fuel to any long-term relationship.

Having fun, no matter what’s happening in the moment, is a conscious decision that always involves a focused determination to make light of even the most trying circumstances.

Whether washing a car, waiting in line, or the usual boredom associated with “balancing a check book,” you can inject humor into almost anything. Okay, maybe not your grandma’s funeral, but certainly most daily activities of life.

Now, if you add a willing partner to the mix, keep things light, experience lots of laughter (and an abundance of smiles), then your relationship will definitely be heading in the right direction.

Good feelings and laughter are highly contagious – and that’s fun!

Laughter Fuels the Fun

And speaking of laughter; did you hear the one about…?

As fun fuels the relationship, laughter fuels the fun. Laughter is the prime manifestation of fun and a true barometer of physical and mental health.

Did you know that one good laugh consumes up to six calories, strengthens the abdominal wall, and shores up the immune system? Some say, that if you want to get a good take, a true read of another’s basic character, observe how and how often, they laugh.

And, no surprise here, laughter has been shown to be closely connected to creativity.

Now, when’s the last time you shared a deep belly laugh with your beloved?


Please each other with effort – and Fun

The act of pleasing your partner is one way to help romance blossom and make love last. But can pleasing another actually be fun? Well, with the right effort and a little creativity, you can absolutely make it fun!

Little notes, sweet “nothings,” and unexpected surprises, are all fun ways to please your partner.

Conversely, romances devoid of these pleasing ways, typically die and fade away.

Why? Because there’s no spontaneity or laughter. And without these basic essentials, there can be no long-term intimacy.

So make that effort to keep your budding partnership playful, pleasing, and, above all, fun – it’ll eventually pay off in spades!

Get up close & personal for Fun

Even if it’s only a friendship, don’t be afraid to show some affection (when appropriate) to your partner.

The simple act of holding hands or lovingly putting your arms around the other, increases closeness and intimacy.

Another good thing about physical touch? It’s soooo relaxing. And with this kind of relaxation, fun is much more likely to happen – definitely a good thing for any lasting relationship!

Ergo, keep it Fun

So, whether it’s being playful, pleasing, laughing, cracking off-color jokes, or doing something completely unexpected with your partner, it can all add up to good, unadulterated fun.

And where there’s fun, there’s relationship longevity and the divine opening for eternal love – a true Honeymoon Forever.

*Do you have any additional ideas of ways to keep your love relationship alive, well – and fun? How have you used laughter to increase intimacy with your partner? Let me know your thoughts on the subject by leaving your feedback in the comments section below. Just have fun with it!

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