There is no subject like that of love to heat up any conversation – it’s a never-ending story that began eons ago.

Love has been endlessly looked at, reviewed, mulled over, turned inside out, studied, sung about, and widely written about, from romantic bards to a veritable army of latter-day, academic researchers.

Love statements

First, let’s look at some common statements made about love:

“Love makes the world go round”

“All you need is love.”

“Love is a warm gun.”

 “Love is confusing.”

“Love is an emotion.”

“Love is a feeling”.

“Love is a decision.”

“Love is subjective.”

“Love is letting go of fear.”

“Love is never having to say you’re sorry.”   (Oh, really?)

Love controversies

And all those popular “love controversies”:

What exactly is true love?

Is infatuation love?

The endless debate: True love vs. infatuation.

Does love naturally wane?

Does great sex translate to great love?

Is love more than a feeling?

Can true love exist only between two individuals? (And between which individuals?)

Love types

And then all those different types of love:

Agape love

Erotic love

Platonic love

Parental love

Love of country

Universal love


Love out of obligation

Fantasy love

Addictive love

Love of God

Eternal love

These statements, controversies, and various types of love are numerous and often confusing – all noble yet ultimately futile attempts by us human beings to wrap our mortal arms around such a powerful and misunderstood social phenomenon!

But we make the effort, anyway…

A study of love

I was checking out a recently published book, LOVE 2.0 How Our Supreme Emotions Affects Everything We Feel, Think, Do and Become. It was written, by University of North Carolina psychologist, Barbara Fredrickson, who supposedly offers a “radically new conception of love.”

Fredrickson argues that love is not what we think it is.

She thinks that love isn’t something long-lasting or a continually present emotion that sustains marriages, the yearning and passion of young love, or even that feeling that binds families together.

Instead, she refers to love as a “micro-moment of positivity resonance,” an important nutrient, a kind of connection, characterized by positive feelings shared with any person one might happen to meet.

Supposedly, these micro-moments can be experienced with your partner, your child, even your mailman.


Love throughout the centuries

But is this really such a new conception of love?

Seems to me, that any discussion of positive feelings, connection with self and others, shared, in-the-moment encounters, fits well into the general understanding of love, as usually discussed and expressed throughout the centuries.

Actually, I believe that love is about most of the above and ultimately calls on each individual to define, consider, and decide how love will or will not manifest in his or her daily life.

For me, love is subjective, always about connection, and always encompasses positive feelings.

But I do see love, as opposed to Dr. Fredrickson, as something that can last a lifetime – not only experienced in scattered micro-moments.

You see, I believe in eternal love.

The reality of Eternal Love

A lot of people think that eternal love is just a notion, a kind of fanciful brand of fantasy thinking, better relegated to the sugarcoated realm of fairy tales.

Moreover, I’ve found that the more individualistic-minded the person, the more disbelief in this perpetual path of love.

After all, eternal love takes dedicated teamwork and an ability to step outside oneself for the good of both partners – something definitely in short supply in today’s self-obsessed “it’s all about me” world.

But I’ve personally witnessed the reality of long-term love, and it’s really something beautiful and inspirational to see – just look at my folk’s 71 year marriage!

Some would say that eternal love is an experienced reality only for the few, and merely an idealistic pipe dream for the rest of us.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Long lasting love doesn’t have to be out of reach for anyone.

Love doesn’t have to be fleeting.

The highest form of love

I’m convinced that eternal love is the ultimate experience of connection, and is accessible to anyone who has the ability to truly join together with another, at the deepest emotional level.

Eternal love is open to those who fully embrace it, with consistent effort and mindful devotion.

The good news is that eternal love can definitely become a reality for you – whatever your concept of love happens to be.

One thing is for sure; love will always have the potential to spring eternal – for everyone!

*If you have an opinion regarding love, especially the idea of eternal love, then, we’d like to hear from you! Please leave your feedback in the comments section below.

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