Does love go on forever, or is this merely a notion, some sort of hopeful fantasy, just to satisfy and calm a yearning brain?

Well, as a writer and blogger of all things related to love and relationships, I personally think about this question a lot, as you can read in my previous article on the subject.

In that article, I emphatically stated that:

“The Honeymoon Period, if pursued with the right knowledge and positive spirit, can contain and engender great intimacy and shared loving feelings, which can carry over into a love relationship that lasts for a lifetime!”

I also wrote:

“I’ve seen the phenomenon of never-ending love materialize over and over again. In fact, many of our more “experienced” couples are adamant that love and the Honeymoon Period never end, that the fire and passion of the “in love” state can go on and on, ad infinitum.”

To add even more credibility to this sometimes controversial idea, I cited relationship psychologist, Dr. Nancy Wesson, who wrote about her belief, that with the right kind of willingness and mutual creativity, love can steadily evolve and last a long, long time:

“It is possible to have a successful relationship and to remain special to each other even after many years of being together.  However, you must be willing to cultivate and build your relationship.  The couple relationship itself has its own needs and when these are met, the relationship will creatively evolve over time.”

But, don’t take it from me or Dr. Nancy.

I recently perused the Internet in search of those who have an opinion on eternal love, and here’s what some of these thoughtful folks had to say about it:

Andrea B: “I think eternal love exists, but it’s something you have to work for. The idea that you’ll meet someone and never have an argument is ridiculous. Love for a large part is about endurance. So I think it can exist if you’re willing to stay with it. If you really love someone you will.”

Here’s another “believer” and her comment:

Julia G: “Eternal love is big. A great love that two people share. Eternal love is just like normal love.  You fight, you get separated, and you cry… But you always come back cuz you love that person so much, and he/she feels the same way about you. And you always have that wonderful, lasting feeling.”

And this, from one who thinks that eternal love is something different from “normal” love (it stands to reason that something as complicated as love would have some conflicting perspectives associated with it):

Jerry L: “Eternal love seems so different than regular love.  The person you’re eternally in love with is your soulmate, your other half. “

Another states definitively:

Bonnie B: “Eternal love lasts forever and it is soooo beautiful.  If you want it, you gotta keep up hope and believe that it will happen, cuz love is more than what we see in the movies. Love is eternal.”

Here’s an interesting comment from a guy who acknowledges eternal love, but goes a step farther, when he talks about laziness getting in the way:

Bill D: “People get divorced because they go into marriage knowing it’s an option and not prepared to stick to their vows.  Eternal love does exist, but people are just too lazy these days to find it.”

And this, from one with a more Biblical bent, who unabashedly brings God into the discussion:

“Actually, there is no marriage in heaven or hell. The Bible says so. The only eternal love out there is the love God has for us.”

And another who shares her take on the ever-changing way in which people love:

Katherine C: “… but I don’t think love is necessarily an eternal thing. At some point, the person will become bored of you, though he or she might still love you.  I think that when you really love a person, you will love her ‘forever’, but the way you love her will change.”

So, there you have it; some insightful opinions about “eternal love”—something to think about, especially if you’re into finding love that you want to last forever.

Call me a dreamer, but I still embrace my original belief and faith in eternal love as something that really does exist, as long as there’s sustained and mutual effort. Like I said in my past article…

“Lifelong love is not only possible, but a certainty if carefully nurtured, from the very beginning. All it takes is a mixture of devoted effort and the essential freedom needed for a successful partnership to develop naturally over time”.

As for me, eternal love is just another beautiful fact of life, like a ceaseless flame that burns brightly.

And like time itself- love remains eternal!”

Please share some of your own comments about “eternal love,” or what I call a “Honeymoon Forever,” with me below!

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