Lately, I’ve been writing blogs about online dating, especially concentrating on the “mistakes you don’t want to make” when searching for love on the nearly 300 + internet dating sites found on the worldwide web, today.

Well, after posting a few of these kinda negative-like articles, I decided to write about the more positive ways to be successful when looking for love online.

Here are just some of them:

1)      Start with a positive dating headline.

Most dating sites want you to compose a brief and get-right-to-the-point headline. Now, be careful with this one, because, aside from your pics, they’ll usually be noticing your headline first.

Headlines that are too cute, like “Sugar Baby,” or too sexual like “Big One For You in St. Louis” or  “Wanting Pussy Cat,” will really cause you online havoc and, at the end of the day, almost certain dating disappointment.

So, get your headline right the first time with something that reveals the real and sincere you – not just a one-dimensional version of a hot fantasy.

2)      Construct an upbeat and inviting profile.

Most online dating sites want you to write something about yourself, so it’s vital that you put yourself in the best light possible. It’s okay to build yourself up, and let the world know about your positive personality traits, incredible life accomplishments, and all those best intentions – hopefully, to find that “special someone.”

But, there’s a difference between building yourself up and bragging. Nobody wants someone who’s too full of themselves, right?

3)      Construct a profile that says something different from all the others.

When perusing all these dating sites, I get so disappointed, even distressed, by all the bland, run-of-the-mill things people are putting out there.  Statements like, “I like long walks on the beach,” “I love wine and cheese,” and “I’m into travel” just won’t cut it.

Instead, why not be fearless and say something about yourself that makes you stand out in the dating crowd? If you raise chinchillas in your backyard, let your prospective partners know about it!  If you’re into skydiving, say so!

Have the courage to be different – you’ll be appreciated for it.

4)      Answer their profile by showing interest in the other’s interesting or unusual points.

Too many people, both men and women, tend to answer their initial email queries with way too general responses, rather than showing special interest in the other’s uniqueness.

From what most women tell me, they don’t like abrupt and weak responses to their emails like, “Hey, what’s up?” or “Liked your profile” or “Maybe we can talk sometime.”

A better strategy might be to inquire or make a comment about that unusual backyard Chinchilla business:

“So, tell me something about chinchillas. What’s it like to raise furry critters like that? Is it a tough business to run?”


 “How often do you skydive?”

“Was it scary for you the first time you jumped out of a plane? That would be so cool to learn!”

This way, you’re showing interest in the unique individual that you’re responding to. Otherwise, you might as well just send a form email to all your prospective contacts. That would be more efficient, but probably won’t get you that desired love connection.

They’ll always answer back, if you show interest.

5)      Use humor – it can’t hurt.

A good sense of humor goes a long way in the online dating world.

Most people like and appreciate an upbeat and funny style of communication, and will typically mention it as one of their preferences on their profiles – as long as it doesn’t go too far.

Remember, people are looking to connect with you in a meaningful way.  They’re looking for love on these dating sites, not a performing clown. If they want a clown, they’ll go to a circus!

So, go ahead and insert some humor into your profile. People will surely take notice of you and probably feel more trusting toward you, as well.

6)      Be real, be honest.

Nobody likes a fake or a liar, right?

With online dating, you’re attempting to make a positive impression, and people want, even demand honesty. So it’s in your best interest to be truthful about your search, including your particular needs, wants, and desires.

It’s really unbelievable how often individuals lie on their profiles. The pictures are often deceivingly old, and who knows the real age of a lot of these people? How long did they really live in Amsterdam? Were they ever in Amsterdam?

Don’t kid yourself – If you choose to “stretch the truth,” your falsehoods will surely seep through your profile and eventually catch up with you – bad karma.

So be real, and present and pose an honest snapshot of who you really are.  Your sincerity has to come through, loud and clear, or you’ll be passed over like a lonely stick in the mud.

7) Create a friendly persona.

If you think humor and online dating go a long way, a genuine atmosphere of friendliness can go even further, especially when seeking a potential life partner.

Friendliness attracts and usually opens up communication for real future love and intimacy opportunities.

On the other hand, an air of depression, from you or them, is obviously a downer, and rarely ends up attracting the right kind of partner.

Online daters like optimistic types and the feeling that you might be fun to have around for the next 40 years or more – maybe even a “honeymoon forever”?

So go ahead and create that friendly online persona and do try to keep it positive.

Okay, there you have it: 7 ways to help you win at online dating. Good luck with your search for love – I hope it’s a successful one!

*If you have anything to add regarding this article, please make them in the comments section below. I’m very interested in your feedback!   


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