Robert Page Kaufman

robert-page-kaufmanWriter and psychotherapist, Robert Page Kaufman, was born, raised and schooled in Los Angeles, California.  He began his writing career with a number of socio-political, psychological newspaper and magazine articles. This was soon followed by his first novel, Tropic of California, a satirical comedic romance based in L.A.

Kaufman’s experience as a psychotherapist gives him a unique insight into both the humorous and tragic side of the human condition. He’s particularly interested in human communication and love relationships – hence his latest non-fiction offering, Honeymoon Forever:  Secrets to Life-Long Intimacy.

Kaufman also works as a professional musician, performing around the world when he’s not counseling a couple or coaching a fellow human being.  He currently lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico where, in his words, “I’m taking a well-earned break from the L.A. freeways!”

Book your confidential session now with Robert Page Kaufman, Licensed Therapist, Counselor, & Life Coach. Robert works with all issues, including relationships, addiction, trauma, and other life issues. To book, please email to: robert@honeymoon-forever.com

“I’m looking forward to working with you to help you achieve personal wholeness and enhance your life.” 

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Secrets to Life-Long Intimacy

An engaging eBook about building human connection finding true love through a deeper, more comprehensive look at the beginning of relationships, the powerful phase known to most as the Honeymoon Period.

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