• I used to be confused about love until I checked out Honeymoon Forever. Now my relationship is flourishing!

  • Before I read Honeymoon Forever, love was an enigma, a big ball of confusion. Now I know how to love better. Thanks Robert!

  • After reading Honeymoon Forever, I’ve finally solved the problem of discontented love and have happily reconnected with my partner in ways I could’ve never imagined!

  • Now I understand what it takes to keep the fires of love burning. My relationship is better than ever!

  • Before I read Honeymoon Forever, I was resigned to a life of loneliness and alienation. Now I have true love in my life. Problem solved!

  • Finally, a training manual for all stages of love – from the initial Honeymoon Period to the Honeymoon Forever!

This first step into love is carefully examined and candidly discussed through the lens of research, culture, biology, addiction, gender, love, self-care, and spirituality. Articles on many of these topics can be found below.

March 3, 2016
Love – Is It Fate Or Is It Planned?


“Serendipity, you can choose who to protect and who to share life with, but you cannot choose who to love, for love isn’t a choice, but destiny.” – Anon. “Let’s build a master plan for the consensus of our love.” -LovePlanning.Org   Relationship Expert and matchmaker, Bari Lyman, sent me an email today, with a (continued…)

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February 14, 2016
Love in Today’s Ultra-Individualistic Society – the Eternal Possibility


There is no subject like that of love to heat up any conversation – it’s a never-ending story that began eons ago. Love has been endlessly looked at, reviewed, mulled over, turned inside out, studied, sung about, and widely written about, from romantic bards to a veritable army of latter-day, academic researchers. Love statements First, (continued…)

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January 15, 2016
Bad Times for Love Junkies – According to Ethlie


Love junkies we were. We’d do anything for the high. Our clothes were interwoven, and we’d get tangled in our lies. “Sinners!”they would call us. They’d look at us and judge. But what good would it do them? We were hooked, and wouldn’t budge.                    -Love Junkies (continued…)

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